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Dear Friends,

YES WE ARE DOING SUMMER CAMP "Where kids are the Stars!"
Create a musical with Edie and Gang!
June 23 - June 27  and  July 21  - July 25

Mon - Fri from 9-3p in Webster at First United Methodist Church
Same great place as last year.  Ages 6-14.

SHOW each Friday at 2pm open to general public. Tickets = $5

Welcome to
Edie's Fairytale Theatre offering four great Piwacket shows this year on a booking by booking basis.  As Writers of Piwacket, Scott Sears, Charlotte Dougherty and Edie Avioli are pleased to be able to offer their popular children's tales under a new name.  Our mission to engage, enchant and excite youngsters to use their imaginations, explore their creativity and encourage their thirst for learning is alive and flourishing. Check out the shows below and let us know if you'd like us to come perform for you!  And take a peak at one of Edie's new stories!


JACK and the BEANSTALK highlighting LITERACY
a delightful story about a kid named Jack who meets Wonderful Wanda when she pops into his bedroom to take him on a magical reading adventure.  Join Jack as he climbs the beanstalk, meets the musical harp, the singing goose that lays golden eggs and barely escapes from that Giant.  A literary romp in the magical kingdom.


a funny fable about those three silly pigs who learn to cooperate in the nick of time as they work together to build a brick house to outsmart the Big Bad Wolf.  Great audience participation.


a favorite tale about a free spirited girl in a red cloak off to her Grandma's house to bring her goodies and to cheer her up.  Along the way she meets up with her animal puppet friends and her loveable rabbit friend Allouwishes who warn her about the Big Bad Wolf.  When she gets to Grandmas she trusts her instinct and saves the day thanks of course to the audience's help.

Goldilocks learns the meaning of respect from her new found friend Baby Bear. Classic tale, wonderful dancing bears and those tricky mice make this an enjoyable and memorable event for the little ones.

All shows have study guides for further exploration and learning.
Running time:  Approx 40 minutes.  Multiple show discounts.

For new pricing information or to book a show to come to you contact Edie at eavioli@gmail.com.  314 222-9469

Again, a heartfelt thank to all of our patrons, sponsors, foundations and corporations who funded 20 years of Black Cat/Piwacket.  That organization reached over 500,000 children with quality educational performances, residencies and camps.  We bid adieu to what was and are excited to publish our plays, music and expand into children's stories.